Steel Staircases - Give your Home a Designer Finish

A Staircase can be a stunning feature in any home or office due to its size and central position. Modern contemporary steel staircases can be the focal point of your home’s interior!

Our most common stainless steel handrails in Melbourne and Greater Victoria are listed below, but our ability does not stop at these.

A New Look for Stairs

If your wish is to create a modern or contemporary feel to your home or office, then look no further than our open tread staircases. Central beam staircases with open treads allow light to beam through creating a lovely ambience. The timber treads create warmth that will suit any home. A modern staircase is only limited by the designer’s imagination! There really is no limit to what we can produce.

The central beam staircases that we offer play a significant role in beautifying your living space. The central beam staircases don’t just facilitate easy mobility between different floors but also help you install a durable source of connectivity coupled with style and safety.

A distinctive look to your interiors

Major benefits of using steel staircases:

  • Much stronger compared to timber or other stairs.
  • Steel is quite malleable and can be molded into any desired shape, making it possible to create several different designs including a spiral staircase.
  • Steel is highly resistant to corrosion. This will ensure that your stairs always look new and attractive.
  • Central beams can also be powder-coated to any color you desire.
  • Steel stairs are very easy and cost effective to set up compared to other stairs
  • All our staircase designs have handrails of different types to provide support and security.

Apart from steel staircases, being reliable stainless steel manufacturers, we also offer high quality stainless steel balustrades, benchtops and other stainless steel fabrication services

Give your home or office a designer finish.  Feel free to challenge us and design your own staircase.  To find out more or for a quote, call us directly on 03 9357 9733.