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Cantilever Staircases Melbourne

As the centrepiece of an interior, a staircase has a huge visual impact on the overall look of a space. A staircase defines the flow and feel of a home while imparting a touch of sophistication with its distinctive design features. Choosing a staircase that is functional and seamlessly merges with the look of your home is important. If you are in search of a staircase that blends into any environment with elegance and discretion, cantilevered staircases are ideal.

The timeless simplicity and refinement of a cantilever staircase make it a popular choice for contemporary homes. A cantilever consists of a rigid stair tread which is anchored at one end. In such staircases, each tread is fixed at one end, creating an illusion of a floating look. A cantilevered flight has hidden parts to support the treads. The steps usually have structural elements on the other side or can even be left open. The unsupported look and minimal components used makes the staircases stand out. If you wish to achieve the minimalist look, such steel staircases are ideal. You can choose from a range of looks based on the style of your home and the space available.

The perfect choice for a minimalist scheme, the floating feel creates a beautiful effect. It adds an airy feeling to a home with an impressive visual impact. However, since such staircases are constructed in a specific way, it is important to make use of durable materials. If you are planning to design a new space or upgrading the look of an interior with cantilevered staircases, we are here to make your vision a reality.

Hi-Tech Stainless Fabrications specializes in offering complete stainless steel fabrication solutions of the highest quality. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, we are here to take care of all your needs for stainless steel in Melbourne.

Benefits of Cantilevered Steel Staircases:

  • Highly-durable
  • Being malleable, steel can be moulded to create different designs
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Central beams can be powder-coated to a colour of your choice
  • Cost-effective and easy to set up
  • Can be equipped with different types of handrails for added support and security

Built with an emphasis on quality, our products can be used to add a stylish touch to your projects. With our knowledge and experience, we have succeeded in establishing a reputation for quality workmanship. Our products are renowned for their exacting standards and can help you renovate your home in the best possible ways. If you choose to avail our service, be sure of receiving services from a highly competent team.

If you wish to know more about our cantilevered staircase solutions, feel free to get in touch with us. To find out more or for a quote, call us directly on 03 9357 9733.