Stylish and hygienic Stainless Steel Kitchen Benches & Stainless Steel Sinks

We craft quality domestic and commercial stainless steel kitchen benches suitable for any application. Stainless steel is an excellent choice just for its durability and hygienic property but also because of its ability to add a modern touch to your kitchen. Stainless steel blends very well with other materials and makes appliances standout. Our custom kitchen products are manufactured in our Campbellfield based factory and are distributed Australia wide.

Hi-tech Stainless Steel Fabrication offers custom made stainless steel kitchen benches, benchtops, stainless steel sinks and kitchen cabinets of varied shapes and designs. We also facilitate integration of stainless steel kitchen sinks into your Stainless Steel kitchen bench. These stainless steel sinks will make your kitchen look sophisticated with its glossy finish.

Stainless Steel Splash backs

Stainless steel splash backs safeguard the walls of your kitchen by providing a surface that can be easily cleaned. These stainless steel splash backs can be custom made according to the shape, length and width as per your choice, making cleaning up easy and will also be adding class to your kitchen.

Outdoor cooking can now be fun and easy

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen and dining in open space is current trend. Even restaurants are moving with the trend of roof top seating with an outdoor kitchen. Incorporating Stainless steel fabrication such as kitchen benches, sinks, splash backs and BBQ surrounds, make your task of setting up an outdoor kitchen effortless. We also offer a wide range of stainless steel outdoor furniture to compliment your outdoor set up.

Give your home a designer finish by opting for the best stainless steel fabricators in Melbourne. Feel free to challenge us and design your own kitchen or furniture. To find out more or for a quote, call us directly on 03 9357 9733.