Stainless steel outdoor furniture for a stylish look

The stainless steel outdoor furniture made by HSF, will offer you class and durability like no other. Stainless steel tables are most popular and are used for domestic and commercial use, corporate needs, retail outlets and shopping malls. We can offer you a solution for any use, any size or any shape.

Stainless steel tables provide a contemporary look

If you wish to create a modern or contemporary feel for your home or office, then look no further than incorporating some stainless steel tables into your furniture pieces. These tables can be topped with a variety of products including glass, wood, marble, stoneā€¦ anything you like really!

The use of stainless steel is endless, dining & coffee tables, chairs, letter boxes, outdoor furniture, wall units, buffets, screening, barbeque surrounds, cabinets, board room tables and more! We also supply high quality stainless steel kitchen products, stainless steel benches and cantilevered staircases.

When you need that piece of furniture that fits perfectly where you want it, then why not consider having it custom made? Hi-tech Stainless offers high quality stainless steel outdoor furniture which adds glamour to where you need it. You can select from a variety of designs that we have already manufactured. Alternately, you can come up with your own design to give it a personal touch. The possibilities are endless! And the result will be exactly as you want it!

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